Brian Banks is an Executive Producer, author, and public speaker with a global following. His expertise in overcoming adversity has led to him serving on the advisory boards of the California Innocence Project and National Registry of Exonerations. Brian's commitment to uncovering the truth behind wrongful convictions has earned him a reputation as a trusted voice in the quest for justice. His inspiring story has been adapted into the major motion picture "Brian Banks," resonating with audiences worldwide. With a dynamic presence and unparalleled ability to captivate, Brian delivers an empowering message on the power of choice and overcoming challenges. As the CEO of BKB PR, he continues to shape the narrative for organizations and individuals, bringing his transformative approach to branding and communication.

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Inspire, Challenge, Motivate

Brian Banks' powerful philosophy, "The Power of Choice," shapes his approach to personal development. His engaging talks and insightful guidance offer a deeply personal and intellectual exploration of the mindset, resilience, and self-determination necessary to overcome even the most daunting challenges on the road to success and freedom.

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What Set Me Free

Get your very own personalized and autographed copy of Brian Banks' book, What Set Me Free, the story that inspired a major motion picture.

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